September 13, 2008

UCB Autumn Roundtable reminder...Cubs/Cards LIVEcast

UCB members can use this tool to give themselves a reminder for the UCB project, but should email me separatly using the Email the author below this post, or if you have my regular e-mail. This is not required, but I'll only have so much room for "throughs" without moderation, so if you can send me a short note telling me you'll be attending, I can e-mail back a panelist's link (to the first ten, anyway.) NOTE: Although it would be cool to embed the live blog on your blog, it is not necessary to participate, as you can use the live blog that will be up here or on any participating UCB blog.

I would advise testing the live blog out prior to the event if you haven't done so in the past, in order to iron out any issues you may have with your site. The live blog window seems to embed without a hitch on Blogger and MLBlogs, with an extra step needed for Wordpress. There is also a way to paste it into a browser window, if nothing else.

To those receiving e-mail invites, they will be branded with Cover-it-Live, and often end up in the junk mail.

Anyone wanting to get on as a panelist to one the LIVEcasts I'll be doing this weekend and during the week can email me or hop on the live blog. I now have most of the email addresses, so I can flick out an email invite so you can test it, even if you're only on there for a few minutes.