September 9, 2008


WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL: "'Look at it realistically,' Yost said. 'We knocked four games off the schedule and we didn't change or budge (in the standings).'"

4thebirds... Yost as much as said in his statement that the Brewers are depending upon other teams to win or lose. That happens at some point of the season to many teams, but to expound upon it when you have the leading team (in the NL Wild Card) is like admitting you no longer have control over your destiny.

Yost is a good manager, but he probably shouldn't have made that statement at this juncture, not with the Phillies series coming up. He may as well have told the Phillies to take control of the four-game set, because he doesn't feel as if his squad has the will to control their own destiny.

His words came across more like: Gee whiz, everyone else sucks so bad, we've played a few games and no one has noticed our dilemma.

Oh, but everyone has, but mostly, the Astros, Cardinals, and Phillies, who all seem to be playing with a much hungrier attitude then the Brew-Crew. Those chasing the current Wild Card leaders have by now learned that adversity and some hard knocks are nothing to fear, but rather, just more obstacles to overcome.

At 4thebirds..., the bias is obviously toward the Redbird, but all stats aside, which is how we like it here, the Phillies seem like they want it from Yost the most.

photo by Barbara Moore