September 12, 2008

Wood walks tightrope to close thriller | News

Wood walks tightrope to close thriller News: "ST. LOUIS -- There were two outs and two on when Lou Piniella went to the mound in the ninth inning Thursday to talk to Kerry Wood before Albert Pujols stepped into the batter's box. The message was simple, as was Piniella's arm gesture.

'It was a hand confirmation -- 'Go get him out,'' Piniella said. 'And then I said a little prayer back to the dugout.'"

... Never shy to take center stage just when his team has the big advantage, Cubs' manager Lou Piniella goes to the mound with two outs in the ninth, instructing his closer, Kerry Wood, to get Albert Pujols out.


How Piniella can figure out these complicated game strategies, and so spontaneously, I'll never know.

Imagine that, I mean, telling the pitcher to try to get the batter out. You learn something new in baseball every game, I suppose.

But if that's all it takes, TLR better plan on visiting Perez, Franklin, Izzy, Motte, Springer, ect. a whole lot more.

photo by Barbara Moore