October 3, 2008

Carp's arm, Carp's choice

Carp is the issue at the forefront of what might otherwise be the sudden silence of an off-season. His nerve condition really has all concerned on the fence. But the most important person involved in deciding just how to handle his well-known nerve condition (physical) is Carp himself.

Surgery can get rid of the scarring that is believed to be pinching off a nerve(s) from responding properly in his throwing arm. Non-surgery requires rest and allowing the body to do most of the healing.

With more risk of future complications using the surgery route, however, Carp has decided to check out the non-surgical method. This sounds like the way to go, too, when figuring in one not-so-small factor: surgery could have life-long complications like limited or impaired use of his right arm and hand. Such risk would seal the non-surgical method for me.
It's Carps arm, though, and everyone should respect his decision regarding its care.
photo by Barbara Moore