October 25, 2008

Mozeliak will make deal when he sees fit

... Reportedly, Mozeliak is standing pat on any types of deals for the Cardinals. He has done this before, sort of.

I believe his real motivations are to work toward a specific deal, or possibly follow a type of flow-chart form one desired choice to another, based on administrative meetings. And yes, they may not want to spend much money, but are definitely following some type of dollar limitations. After all, it is a business, which most of us forget when we get caught up in the games and the striving to win.

More likely, Mozeliak is simply remaining tight-lipped on the Cardinals' front office strategy.

As he should. For there isn't much he can do in the way of shopping players, for instance, or working up potential trades, if the world knows the strategy.

For whatever reason, the media in general seems to think Mozeliak needs to reveal the Cardinals every need. He may be trying to build up the team, or he may be following owners' orders and trying to cut the payroll. He could be trying to make the team presentable for wholesale. Who knows?

About the only thing fans could have a gripe on is if the ownership is dumping all the talent. In such a scenario, yeah, there's a gripe, all right, because the fans are footing the bill via tickets which certainly are not cheap.

All that being said, Mozeliak surely has an idea of what he wants to accomplish for the Cardinals, but how, and when, he goes about that, only he knows. As it should be.

Below is a link to the Cheap Seats blog by the Belleville News Democrat, which hints that Mozeliak has a plan not to have a plan.

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Cheap seats: Cards are in 'holding pattern' - Sports - Belleville News Democrat: "Oh, the news from yesterday that Cardinals GM John Mozeliak plans to stay in a free agent 'holding pattern' until mid-November when he finds out the health status of Chris Carpenter struck an irritating chord."