October 23, 2008

Peavy unlikely in the cards, Furcal may fill need, Greene iffy

STLtoday - Cards unlikely to deal for Peavy: "Before ownership removed the 'interim' before his title last Halloween, Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak had picked up the club option for 2008 on closer Jason Isringhausen, re-signed reliever Russ Springer to a one-year extension and negotiated a two-year deal with pending free-agent starter Joel PiƱeiro."

... It's the hot-stove song for the winter, the Cards having too much in one area (outfield; RHP) and not enough in another (relief; extra big bat; LHP).

Reading about the front office moves right now, and a quick rundown on the overall needs of the team, which are relatively obvious, can be seen in a new light now that the season is long gone.
photos by SD Dirk