October 31, 2008

Six free agent Cards

... As you read the quote from Bird Land below, what Cardinal name stands out? For me, it was Looper, but I've grown so used to these guys, I'd like to see them all come back.

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch runs it all down, including the Cardinals and the rest of MLB.

The list of some of the other ML players that have filed for free agency may well perk your interest. But when you see a player you'd like to see with two birds on a bat on their jersey, just remember that you're window shopping, as St. Louis is a small-market city (or so the Cards' organization would like you to believe).

So when shopping these bigtimers, remember that you're trying to buy a Caddy, but with only enough money to buy a used Dodge.

photo by Barbara Moore

Bird Land » Blog Archive » Six St. Louis Cardinals file for Free Agency: "The six Cardinals who filed Thursday were: RHP Braden Looper, SS Cesar Izturis, INF Felipe Lopez, C Jason LaRue, LHP Ron Villone and veteran righthanded reliever Russ Springer. Springer, who threw the final pitch of the 2008 season, recently told senior baseball writer Joe Strauss that he is leaning toward pitching again in 2009 and would prefer to return to the Cardinals."