November 15, 2008

Cards and Renteria like long lost lovers

... If you check around the Hot Stove articles, you'll find that Edgar Renteria and the Cardinals are are like a couple of long lost lovers aching to reignite a relationship, except with the exciting feature being a game of baseball. As the Cardinals "consider" other middle infielders, along with their own Felipe Lopez, the conversation keeps turning back to Renteria.

The consideration of other middle mittmen is starting to look more like an act of patronizing the media and Cardinal Nation, but maybe not. The "needs" of the team are finally settling back down to where they obviously need to be--bullpen first, mid-infield last.

And stuck in the middle is the unknown variable that is the pebble in the spikes: the true physical condition of Chris Carpenter. Nobody's fault. Injured is injured.

Make of the speculation what you will, but other than the potential reunion of Renteria, there's not a lot going on and GM John Mozeliak is certainly righteous in letting the top dollar free agent market shake out a bit in order to see who still fits the bill.

The dark horse I see: if the Cards somehow miss on Renteria (who does solve for what the Cardinals can afford in terms of contract years/dollars/offensive ability/defensive ability/experience/attitude), I see the Cards taking a chance on Khalil Greene, who is batting way below his capabilities in my opinion, and plays a satisfactory shortstop.

photo by SD Dirk

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