November 20, 2008

Cards close to signing lefty

... Don't fall out of your chair. The Cardinals are close to signing some lefthanded relief. John Mozeliak has made a move. It does happen from time to time.

As the Cardinals attempt to fill major needs with minor money, they've taken a step which may be finalized soon with the signing of former Tampa Bay Rays lefthanded reliever, Trever Miller.

Miller is not K-rod, is not Fuentes, is not Affeldt or Ohman or Beimel. But he does fit in to the off-season plans of the Cardinals if they expect to get the most bang for their buck. There are still needs to fill and although we do not know the particulars of Miller's proposed contract, we might hazard a guess that the deal will be reasonable for all parties involved.

There are still more lefthanders out there, too. We'll just have to see if this is it for Mozeliak's bullpen shopping this year. Soon, it will get to the point, though (and I'm talking an arm or two), that it would just as wise to retain the services of Villone and/or Flores. How quickly the Cards are getting into questionable territory on whether or not to make any more moves at all when it comes to the bullpen, based on the remaining pool of free agents.

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An article with some of Miller's basic numbers can be found at the link below: - 11/20/2008 - Former Rays lefty is expected to sign: "The Cardinals could make their first move into the free-agent market today with lefthanded reliever Trever Miller expected to finalize a deal with the club pending a physical scheduled for this morning, according to sources.

Miller spent last season with the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays, making 68 appearances and posting a 4.15 ERA in 43 1/3 innings. He held lefthanded batters to a .209 average and struck out 30 of the 91 he faced."