November 4, 2008

CC entertains unknown Brewers offer

... It's not as if the Cardinals are going to be able to afford C.C. Sabathia, who has filed for free agency with the Brewers, who have made some unknown offer to the valuable left-handed starter. And it's not as if the Cardinals would want to afford C.C.

But it does make a difference who ends up with Sabathia, because he's one of those Cardinal-killers, a player who seems to have the collective number of the entire squad when it comes to competition. Of course, Sabathia has that magic versus most teams. But let's say, for poops and grins, that another mid- or low-market city somehow lands the dominant lefty starter.

Let's say, the Brewers get him back, or perhaps Houston breaks their bank and collects one of the most feared starters in the Midwest. Or, heaven forbid, the big-market Cubs break some more cash off their never-ending supply and attempt to buy the Series again.

I use all the aforementioned nightmares because those scenarios would place C.C. right back in the NL Central, where he would have more starts against the Cardinals, and if not, would certainly propel his club to a commanding status in the division.

Sabathia just may be one of the most important players the Cardinals will never have.