November 6, 2008

First Gold Gove for Molina at last

... Matthew Leach alludes to the fact that many Gold Glove winners seem to win the award during seasons in which they've posted a high batting average. Leach notes the correlation with Yadi's BA.

There are plenty of other stellar stats to back up Molina's 2008 performance behind the dish, but more than anything, if you get the opportunity to watch Molina work a game, you'll see just what an impact he has on everything that happens defensively.

Baserunners are especially befuddled at how instantly Molina can suddenly pick an instant of a moment and shotgun a pickoff attempt or throw out a potential base stealer at a moment's notice. In fact, it's all the times baserunners never even made a steal attempt or where content with youth league leadoffs.

Molina takes most pitch calls from the bench that I can see, but still handles the hurlers with a lot of respect, judging from the staff's collective reactions on the mound. Molina makes no bones about heading out to the mound whenever beckoned via bench signal or even on his own, and doesn't hesitate to speak about whatever it is he is speaking with any pitcher on the hill, whether or not they seem irritated with the situation at hand or their own performance or even the judgement calls on balls and strikes.

There's dozens of other factors, but finally enough coaches and managers around the NL thought enough of Molina's play at catcher to vote him the Gold Glove.

photo by photo by Barbara Moore

Molina honored with first Gold Glove News: "Maybe Yadier Molina just needed to hit .300.

Molina -- long considered one of the best defensive catchers in the National League, if not the best -- was finally officially recognized as such Wednesday when he received his first Rawlings Gold Glove. Molina was the only Cardinals player to be honored."