November 12, 2008

Injured Cardinals fan returns to Philly for piece of skull

If you recall, back in July when the Cardinals were playing a series in Philadelphia, a couple of Cardinals fans--both school teachers from Missourri--were involved in an automobile versus pedistrian accident.

Tragically, Cindy Grassi, died as a result of that accident.

Sandra Wacker, however, survived, at the time, doctors having to remove a small portion of her skull in order to combat brain swelling. After a long recovery and rehabilitation process, Wacker, according to the online publication,, has returned to Philadelphia were she has essentially recovered that portion of her skull.

In fact, doctors have put the piece of skull back in place.

Wacker spoke about the accident, the surgery, and responsibility during her stay in Philadelphia, and for the full story, you can go to, the title of the article:

Cardinals fan hurt in July returns, persisting in recovery
By STEPHANIE FARRPhiladelphia Daily News