November 14, 2008

Kennedy not exactly a hot commodity

... Adam Kennedy may not get his wish to be traded off the Cardinals, basically, because there isn't a whole lot of interest in him.

A veteran heading into the upper registers of "baseball age," Kennedy's biggest drawback may be his 4-million dollar salary. Currently, no one is in a hurry to assume that baggage when compared to their needs and Kennedy's numbers.

Kennedy is a good player, all right, and has done a great job of the Cardinals in whatever he has been asked to do. He expects a payoff, possibly in more regular playing time. But the Cardinals don't see it that way, and although he may not be saying it out loud, Kennedy may feel slighted. Even if he understands this harsher professional side of the business, that doesn't mean he isn't just a guy who wants to play, period. Quite frankly, I'd think less of Kennedy if he didn't have this attitude.

When every player on your team has this spunk, you have a hungry team, but the realistic side of managing (now we're in La Russa's spikes), knows you fill out that lineup card how you need to with the goal of winning in mind. Not that TLR doesn't understand, or not care, about Kennedy's frustration, but it's just not in his job description to make all things work for all players.

Undoubtedly the media will remind us at every turn that Kennedy had wanted to be traded in the event he remains on the roster. (That is a likely as a deal at this point.) But should he be around St. Louis next season, there's a good chance he'll do every bit as good a job as he did the season before. He may not be fond of platooning or taking on the role of bench player, but he's still a professional.

There's always the chance that the Cardinals and Kennedy can part ways, but that may have to wait until Spring, after most of the trades and deals have been made, and clubs still have needs to fulfill, not to mention off-season and spring training injuries, which seem to create unique openings at the spur of the moment. At that time, if there's some new conditions conducive to a deal, we may see one of those all-of-a-sudden exchanges. And, there's every possibility, if we can throw in some Hot Stove speculation, that if the Cardinals had any ideas of unloading Chris Duncan, Kennedy could be part of a multi-player deal.

But now we're way out in left field, where Duncan may be trying to be, while Kennedy is not.

photo by Barbara Moore

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Cheap seats: D'backs not all that interested in Kennedy - St. Louis Cardinals - Belleville News Democrat: "Although the Diamondbacks have expressed interest in Cardinals second baseman Adam Kennedy, it appears unlikely that the teams will be able to strike a deal to give Kennedy his wish to be traded away from manager Tony La Russa."