November 1, 2008

LaRue resigned double-quick

... LaRue should be a Cardinal. He seems to like his situation in St. Louis, and he performs really well for his backup status.

Backing up Yadier Molina behind the plate can put one heck of an expectation on a catcher.

During times when Molina was either injured or needed a break from the ML grind, LaRue has filled the area behind the dish quite well, especially in clutch moments. There were plenty of times during the last half of this past season that LaRue had big hits during games when the usual suspects, or big guns, were unable to come through. That had provided an emotional lift to the Cards, who during this past campaign, needed every bit of support they could get.

In short, LaRue has been great for a club that has undergone a tough season, from first game to last.

LaRue was like having "character before the fact," already possessing the quality before rough roads presented a scenario from which character would normally be built.

Most likely, all of Cardinal Nation is happy to have LaRue back. The man invested himself in the team from the get-go.

Welcome back, Jason LaRue.
photo by Barbara Moore

Cards act quickly to bring back LaRue News: "Jason LaRue's time on the open market lasted barely 24 hours.

A day after filing for free agency, LaRue re-signed with St. Louis. The catcher inked a one-year deal to return as the backup catcher for Yadier Molina. The move continued a pattern for the Cardinals, who usually act quickly to sign or re-sign their second catcher. According to The Associated Press, LaRue will receive $950,000."