November 6, 2008

Ludwick for Kelly just plain silly

... The story at the link below sounds like a wild rumor started because Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak mentioned that the Braves were talking about potential trades.

Obviously, Ryan Ludwick's name came up, as if that's surprising. But just because Mozeliak brushes past some Braves' administrative staff doesn't make for a done deal, especially on something as silly as Ludwick/Johnson. Stranger things have happened, however, this idiocy is akin to the minor league deal where the player was moved for a bunch of baseball bats.

Since the spin has been spun, though, let's rip the rumor to pieces, just for fun.

In this case, the bats traded would be more like bigtime at-bats, supplied by Ludwick. Both Johnson and Ludwick have big strikeout totals, and if that's the case, I'd much rather stick with Ludwick's offensive pop and RBI numbers. Ludwick is flat out productive. Johnson is flat out not.

We already have Lopez, so unless we're talking Furcal, let's not rumor at all.

Besides, the Braves already traded all they had in Mark Teixeira, for the most part. Now that it's slim pickings in Atlanta, I'll bet every trade deal they rumor sounds goofy.

Before last season, I was adamant about the Cards keeping Ludwick.

Just because the Cardinals would like to shore up at middle infield doesn't mean you deplete the clubhouse to do it. Ludwick stays--period.

photo by Barbara Moore

Cheap seats: Could Cards be looking to deal Ludwick? - Sports - Belleville News Democrat: "The hot rumor out of Atlanta is that the Braves and Cardinals have discussed a swap of Ryan Ludwick for Atlanta second baseman Kelly Johnson.

Johnson hit .287 for Atlanta last year with a .349 on-base percentage -- a drastic improvement over Adam Kennedy. But he isn't without his down side. He struck out a whopping 113 times in 2008 and 117 times in 2007, which seems like an awful lot for a middle infielder. Especially one who hit 12 home runs last season..."