November 5, 2008

Mozeliak as patient as ever

... If hot stove topics were a race, most of MLB would be the hare, and Cards' GM John Mozeliak would be the tortoise.

As long as he gets to the finish line in terms of making the correct deals, Cardinal Nation probably won't care. Waiting for Mozeliak to even give away that he's thinking about a deal is like watching grass grow--now--on the threshold of winter.

Yet according to Cardinals' beat writer, Matthew Leach, Mozeliak has been making the rounds with the other GMs, conversing, but I think, possibly doing more listening.

After two years, Cardinal Nation still can't decide whether Mozeliak is quiet and crafty or numb and clueless.

In Mozeliak's defense, about every time he might have made a deal, or considered a deal, another arm went limp, of a player strained something, or a catcher got run over, or ...

But this week may warrant some moves due to Rule 5 and complicated regulations on rosters and such that most of us in Cardinal Nation don't understand, even when FSN broadcasters Dan McLaughlin and Al Hraboskey explain it to us a dozen times.

Odd, how this time of year is almost as nerve-racking as a regular season, extra-inning ballgame.

photo by compujeramy

Mozeliak making no immediate moves News: "'I've had conversations with every club, but nothing specific,' Mozeliak said.

Regarding a couple of specific rumors -- that Kelly Johnson could be part of a deal with the Braves in exchange for Ryan Ludwick, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and that Adam Kennedy might be of interest to the Diamondbacks, per the Arizona Republic -- Mozeliak acknowledged to that he's had plenty of conversations, but asserted that nothing has advanced that far, yet."