November 5, 2008

Mulder files for free agency

... It has become obvious to Mark Mulder that the Cardinals are not exactly holding out for much hope for a healthy comeback.

Yet Mulder has always held out hope that he can return to the Bigs. He may not even be sure of his ability to perform, and may realize he is big question mark, but there is no doubt he would like to try to pitch once more in major league ballparks.

Mulder's filing for free agency is probably a proper move for the once-great lefthander.

The way Cards' GM John Mozeliak talks, it seems there is more rationalizing a low, low price tag for keeping Mulder around. The Cards already have another big question mark in Chris Carpenter, and with so many arms hanging around limply while big bucks get paid, it's hard to fault the Cardinals' GM on this one.
photo by Barbara Moore

Mulder officially files for free agency News: "Mark Mulder now has made official what already was well known: He will become a free agent.

Mulder filed for free agency on Tuesday, becoming the seventh member of the 2008 Cardinals to do so. The club confirmed recently that it will buy out Mulder's $11 million 2009 contract option, and as a result, the left-hander will seek his fortune on the open market. It's unlikely the Cardinals and Mulder will work out a new deal at a lower salary than his option."