November 21, 2008

Not yet Miller time at Busch

... There seems to have been a stumbling block in the road to signing free agent Trever Miller.

Something about "language." Best to get that contract right for all concerned. Otherwise, you get arguments and sour grapes later on, usually when it's time to concentrate on generating good baseball.

Of course, this is not the time to bungle things up and end up back at square one while most of the league is already rounding the first corner of the playing board.

I suspect the contract will get ironed out today.

Cards' GM John Mozeliak smartly commented that the Cardinals are yet talking with other left-handed prospects, and has let the obvious cat out of the bag that left-handed relief is number one on the Cardinals' shopping list.

Then comes middle infield improvements, then, possibly, starting pitching.

It seems about every Cardinals' blog for thousands of cyber-miles had that one figure out way back when everyone was first looking for the matchsticks to light up the yet-to-be-hot stove.

Only the Matt Holliday ordeal made everyone's eyes bigger than the Cardinals' wallet. Of course, he's still out there, for any Holliday shoppers. Oh, cripes, this is getting silly again. Back to reality.

photo by Gerri Novak - 11/21/2008 - Miller visits as agent, Cards work on 'language' of deal: "'We have ongoing conversations,' Mozeliak said. 'We also continue to negotiate with other lefties.'"