November 11, 2008

Oquendo ready to talk managerial with Seattle

... Yes, it's for real. Cards' third base coach, Jose Oquendo, may yet get his shot at managing in the big leagues.

Soon Oquendo will head to Seattle to speak with Mariners' administration concerning the position. And if he should get it, Cardinal Nation will be sad to see him leave St. Louis. However, at the same time, everyone knows this is something Oquendo has been working toward for some time. His desire to lead a major league team may just be a part of makes him so good as a coach.

There are others in line for interviews, but Oquendo is hopeful. Should he succeed in securing the job as Mariners' field boss, he will inherit the major league with the last season's worst record. Yikes. But nowhere to go but up.

photo by chetthejet

STLtoday - St. Louis Cardinals' Oquendo to talk to Seattle about managing: "'I've learned a lot from one of the best, and now I hope to have a good interview and see what happens,' Oquendo said Monday evening. 'It helps to get my name out there, let everybody know of my interest to someday be a manager.'"