November 5, 2008

Purchase of Redbirds same ole, same ole talk

... We've heard of this some time ago, and the story at the link below is strikingly like one I've read months ago.

Possibly, the Cardinals are making progress in the purchase of the Memphis Redbirds. It's hard to tell what the difference would be to the fans.

If there are any Redbirds fans who read 4thebirds..., please comment and tell us what you know of this dealing. Let us know if you have noticed any effect the "talks" have had, and what you believe may occur if the deal is done after the new year, as stated in the article.

photo by bcbuckner

Redbirds' GM talks to Rotary: "Memphis Redbirds president of baseball operations Dave Chase believes in the power of baseball.

He has lived it each and every day for the past 30 years working in baseball, including 18 with the publication Baseball America."