November 21, 2008

Redbirds Radio ... All are welcome, all welcome, come into the sound, there is baseball heaven, in the sound

No, I haven't lost my mind, as far as I know, but looking around the blogs, I see a Cardinals Think Tank that could use a voice--your voice.

In need of 1-3 minute (preferably) audio segments for inclusion on our developing Redbirds Radio broadcast. This show can include newsy segments, off-the-cuff segments, strategic segments, whatever-you're-good-at segments.

Be sure to intro yourself (first name only or your blogging user name okay) and your blog if you are a sports or baseball blogger. Then jabber away.

If your mini-podcast/audio file/audio segment/audio clip/recording/whatnot, warrants one or two extra minutes, that's okay. I"ll hope to work it into a longer broadcast.

Lengthy audio clips must be interesting, not redundant, and void of any significant "dead air." Most computers have an on-board sound recorder, so you can always do another take. Brief foul-ups are no big deal. This isn't high end commercial radio.

For a while these shows will broadcast at a very non-prime time of the day. Later, we hope to slot them into a just-past prime time slot. But keep in mind that these shows are archived, and that most of the "listens" come not during the live broadcast, but at all times of the day and night, as interested listeners fit them into their schedules.

Do not worry if a presentation is not "to-the-minute" timely. I usually include a reference to the fact that the segments are recorded earlier and offer callers a chance to update the information live.

The written word is still my favorite, but there's something to be said for this form of communication amongst Cardinals fans, an avenue I never thought would've been open when I was younger, during the Jurassic Period.

I made the title generic instead of blog-specific so it can become every one's show, much like the UCB show, but with a different format.

Post in if you're a fan or blogger and would like to participate.

Then email an audio clip in .wma or ask if you're not sure. But don't be surprised if my answer confuses you worse than when you started.