November 8, 2008

Stove heating up for Holliday?

... A potential Holliday for Ludwick deal just won't seem to go away as the temperature of this off-season's hot stove rises over speculation of the potential deal.

Already we're choked on stats that seem to rain from a mile high--pun intended.

A few sparks of note have flitted from the stove:

There's a lot of numbers out there that state the obvious: Holliday cannot hit at sea level. At least, not in the way Cardinal Nation would expect to buy into a Ludwick/Holliday deal of some variety.
Mozeliak used to work for Colorado and is comfortable--maybe too comfortable--discussing options.
Some of the best arguments for obtain Holliday involve his proven skills.
Some of the best arguments against bringing Holliday to St Louis involve Holliday's heavy salary; his mediocre hitting performance away from Colorado; probable difficulty in contract negotiations.

As I've commented around the netsphere already, Ludwick was asked to play like a Cardinal, and he has. Now he should Stay like a Cardinal.

Ludwick photo by Barbara Moore
Holliday photo by Maegs

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A Holliday gift, but worth the price? News: "St. Louis has had interest in Holliday in the past, and the Cards and Rockies engaged in discussions in July regarding reliever Brian Fuentes. Thus, the two teams would not be starting at zero in any discussion of each other's systems."