November 14, 2008

Two Silver Sluggers on a bat

... The obvious story of the day is the regurgitation news of the Silver Slugger Award, which we're happy to pass along, that two Cardinals made the grade.

Winning the award for the fourth time was Albert Pujols. Winning his first Silver Slugger Award was Ryan Ludwick.

The pair of Cardinals might be appropriately displayed on bat, if only for a day, the St. Louis sluggers the only paired award winners from one National League team.

As one might expect, the St. Louis connection to Ludwick grew a lot stronger after the announcement, the comments sections on the major media filling with a collective sort of "Keep Ludwick here!" chant.

Ludwick, himself, took the opportunity to reiterate his desire to remain on the Cardinals, and, his belief that the Cardinals could be a winner.

As Cardinal Nation knows, the way things have been working out, Ludwick has fit the qualification of a blue-chip trade option, and due to last season's success, his name has come up in plenty of Hot Stove discussions. We'll just have to wait and see what occurs in the sometimes complex dealing of the off-season.

I have long contended that the Cardinals need to keep Ludwick right here in St. Louis. So far, the only deals that have come to open debate involve potential trades for players who may one-up Ludwick ... maybe ... but always at a double or triple the cost payout. Hopefully, from my bias at 4thebirds..., the same successes that made Luddy a blue-chipper will put the kibosh on any deals that would force him to depart the Cardinals.

photos by Barbara Moore

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