November 21, 2008

UCB Blogger Awards

Very uncomfortable with awards stuff, and will have to skip a few where I have no clue. If that negates the vote, that's okay. And if I'm doing this all wrong, dump it, because I don't know how your awards deal goes.

Player of the Year:
Ryan Ludwick
Yadier Molina
Albert Pujols
... Overall performance, numbers or not, day-in, day-out, no real significant lapses outside of injury. I've never seen a player so "on" with every aspect and every pitch of the game.

Pitcher of the Year
Kyle Lohse
Braden Looper
Adam Wainwright
... Was always who I thought of the Cards ace from the moment he started proving it. The media seemed confused as to who to call the ace--Carp or Waino. But this time around, Lohse's performance on his wins and battling when he didn't secured it for me.

Game of the Year
July 5 vs. Chicago
August 22 vs. Atlanta
August 27 vs. Milwaukee
Sept. 5 vs. Chicago
... A highly subjective thing to vote on, but the August Milwaukiee game was my choice. There's always something exciting about Ank coming through with the big hit, and maybe I'm taking AP's shots for granted because he's so great. Blowouts mean crap; they happen to everyone once in a while and to me, never make a great game. But the comeback Milwaukee win, at at time when the Brew-crew was pretty much smearing doo-doo in our faces on a regular basis, well, that was something. Carlos should have learned a valuable lesson about letting a sleeping dog lie, and there's something awesome about an emotional comeback against a taunting bully that gets my butt off the sofa and pointing at the TV. One of those "That's what I'm talking about, beeeoch" moments.

Surprise Player of the Year
Kyle Lohse
Ryan Ludwick
Skip Schumaker
... To me, any breakout type of year is a surprise year.

Disappointing Player of the Year
Chris Duncan
Ryan Franklin
Jason Isringhausen
... Maybe put Randy Flores in place of Franklin, but I would still have chosen Izzy. For Duncan to have a bad year, there wasn't far to fall, but for Izzy, ahhhhhhhhhh.....

Cardinal Rookie of the Year
Joe Mather
Kyle McClellan
Chris Perez
... Tons of solid innings; played so well it was hard to think of him as a rookie.

New Cardinal of the Year
Troy Glaus
Cesar Izturis
Kyle Lohse
... Troy, played in maybe more games than any other team member, practically flawless defense, a bit streaky at the plate. Close call with Lohse.

Most Anticipated Cardinal
Bryan Anderson
Colby Rasmus
Jess Todd
... Colby, who is simply farther along and that much closer to a callup. In fact, considering all the other callups in '08, I thought he should've been in St. Louis a few times.

Best Individual Blog
Haven't been around long enough to make an informed choice. (Maybe next year.)

Best Team Blog
Cardinal Virtue
... This team blog says, Let's talk baseball!

Best Professional Blog
... Obviously, you gotta post more. Bernie gets burned by Birdland, mainly because I think Bernie gets unnecessarily harsh at times. Maybe this is apples and oranges, however, because Bernie is a true column and Birdland has a more objective reporting theme disguised as a blog to plug into the mainstream readership. Not his fault, but it's re-defining blogging in a way.

Best UCB Project
Not informed on all the projects but did enjoy what reading I could get in on the Top 7 deal.

Most Optimistic Blog
Not informed...

Funniest Blog
Not informed...

Best Blog Post
Not informed...

Rookie Blog of the Year
Busch Birds
Pitchers Hit Eighth
... Split vote 1/2-each.

Enjoyed every UCB blog, although there were some I wasn't aware of until lately. I particularly enjoyed how each blogger (individual and teams) create such unique blogs. As someone who has loved all types of writing for most of my life, I avoid most publishing and writing projects that demand it be done a certain way, or someone else's way. The creativity I see here is why I think the UCB is so interesting to so many people. I like how the numbers bloggers get into the stats, I like how the realistic bloggers paint a true picture, I love the sarcasm that comes out of nowhere, but surprises us with funny posts. It was quite interesting to see how various bloggers dealt with such a frustrating season. If I would give an award, it would be to the UCB for creativity and uniqueness across the board. To me, there is no way a blog should be, except how the author wants it. Now I can learn more about Hot Stove stuff from all the guys and gals. Thank you all.