December 6, 2008

Fulfilling Cards' needs still complex

With the Winter Meetings looming in Las Vegas, Cards' GM John Mozeliak still faces a complex situation in his attempt to help the Cardinals' organization fulfill some significant club needs.

Second base; starting pitcher.

Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily all the Cards need.

(There's still a chance to improve the bullpen's situation by adding another LHRP, be it a LOOGY or a mid-reliever that pitches well versus either side of the dish.

A Hot Stove debate will certainly heat up, however, surrounding these factors:

  • making an impact batting second baseman a priority
  • making another starting pitcher a priority
  • usage of remaining payroll allotment

The estimates on payroll, by the way, are somewhere between $10 and $15 million remaining to spend.

Assuming a second baseman and starting pitcher are the main needs, in whatever order of priority, would you as GM go for:

  • dividing the remaining kitty for both needs?
  • dumping the bulk of the remaining cash on the best second baseman available?
  • dumping the bulk of the remaining cash on the best starting pitcher available?
  • employ any of the above strategies that presents itself first?

So even after fulfilling a few of the obvious needs (middle infield impact; LOOGY), Mozeliak finds himself in a complex situation with multiple variables and more unmet needs than the organization may be able to accommodate.

The variables which Mozeliak must sort out can change daily, such as the status of Chris Carpenter's recovery. There can be other factors. For instance, Adam Kennedy is yet a Cardinal with a $4 million dollar salary. If Kennedy cannot be moved, he may end up the second baseman after all. And how does that factor in to the Las Vegas thinking?

Of course, the Kennedy situation is only one of dozens of variables, which is used as an example here only to show that Mozeliak will be confronted with a lot more complexity in Las Vegas next week than just a bevy of agents marketing their clients.

Remember that the acquisition of LOOGY Trever Miller and SS Khalil Greene play into the scenario as well. Greene has barely had time to react to the deal. These things seem so sudden, with the exception of Miller's signing, which required time-lapse photography and serial blog posting.
photo by SD Dirk

Off-topic mention: The United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Show -- Special Winter Meeting Edition, will still air on the same day and time (Wednesday, December 10, 2008; 10:00 p.m. CT) but will be broadcast from the new UCB page on Blogtalkradio. Previously, the shows were presented on the pages of whomever was hosting that particular broadcast.

We soon realized, however, that listeners eventually would have to "jump" all over the BTR accounts to gather downloads of the various broadcasts, which would be mixed with various other broadcasts presented by the respective blogger/hosts on those accounts. By placing the UCB radio broadcasts on one account, listeners should "find the station," so to speak, much easier.

Additionally, listeners wishing to subscribe to a feed will only need one for the UCB broadcasts. (There is also an iTunes feed we are sorting out at this time.)

More details on the UCB Radio Talk Show and the Special Winter Meeting Edition will be forthcoming. The coordination of the special edition broadcast is being done by C70 at the Bat.