December 19, 2008

Ticks or Tweets

Cardinal Nation Ticker is not a Halloween-related window, but while the Hot Stove season turns into hunting for scraps of food (tidbits about trade deals, etc.) hidden beneath the snow, the live window relies upon automatic posting from feeds like the supplied by Twitter. The "ticks" are posted comments of viewers and bloggers.

As you may have noticed, 4thebirds... is posting the Cardinal Nation Ticker as often as possible.

The Cardinal Nation Ticker is a live window run something like a news ticker, whereby United Cardinal Bloggers can post news tidbits, or provide opinions, or respond to the remarks and/or comments of any viewer wishing to post to the live window.

During the Hot Stove season, and especially around the holidays, Hot Stove news sometimes flows like molasses outside Coors Field in, well, right now, actually. But the ticker will remain open as much as possible, even if only to glean tidbits of off-season news.

During December, there will be some days where there is no live Cardinal Nation Ticker, as there will be days where no posting will occur on 4thebirds... and possibly many of the other baseball blogs on the web. That being said, the ticker (unless a UCB author is on board to moderate) queue will be checked on approximately an hourly basis. So anyone writing a comment and not seeing it "hit the live window" within a few moments, do not feel ignored. Most likely, during these slow winter times, there isn't anyone at the wheel. A later check may find your "sent" comment has been posted.

Cardinal Nation Ticker can be embedded on Blogger blogs and most other sites. There is a special way to create a link on some Wordpress blogs. Functionality depends largely upon the site and your technical skills. It is not uncommon for Cardinal Nation Ticker to be running live simultaneously on multiple sites and blogs.

You do not have to be a Cardinals' blogger to be a guest and/or a panelist. You may simply be a huge fan within Cardinal Nation that has some specific or general knowledge of the Cards and would like to be a panelist. If you are responsible with your posts, you are just as welcome as the next member of Cardinal Nation. In fact, Cardinal Nation Ticker could use some panelist who are not necessarily bloggers, but are from Cardinal Nation.

UCB members: E-mails are sent randomly inviting you to participate on the live ticker either as a guest or panelist. These invites are sent "just in case" you are available, but if you are not, simply ignore the invite. (There is no need to reply, unless you wish to request particular dates or a range of dates.) There is no approval process, but rather, a first come, first served basis. There is usually plenty of room in the booth, so to speak, to include anyone who is interested.

If you are a panelist, you do not have to be available on the ticker at all times. Quite to the contrary, you can "come and go" as you please. This kind of flexibility makes the ticker a nice tool for dissemination of your news and knowledge. Also, you can drop off-line, so to speak, gather up potential guests, then return to the ticker to chat up the board with baseball talk of substance. The choice of embedding the live window on your blog is entirely up to you. Realize, however, that the live window may be running on multiple blogs.

For those who are really into live blogging, request a producer's role to get your clicker on some of the board's "behind the scenes" controls, but would allow you to moderate and utilize some of the functions not available to panelists. This option is useful if you know you would like to spend a few hours in frequent activity on the ticker.