December 3, 2008

UCB Radio Show tonight

The United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Show will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. CT.

The proposed guests should call in as soon as the show goes live.

A live chat should be open near air time.

Any other UCB bloggers (or any Cardinals fan, for that matter) can call in to participate.

I haven't been able to research all the topics I'd planned, so I would like to have anybody and everybody co-host. Besides, this show is for all of UCB and Cardinal Nation and I love hearing the variety of opinions and ideas relative to Cardinals baseball.

Some of the topics on which I'd love to hear your take:

  • Waino/Carp in bullpen roles, as posed by Derrick Goold in a Bird Land post
  • Also a Bird Land topic; Top 30
  • Analysis of lack of arbitration offers to "The 7", but in particular, Russ Springer and Braden Looper
  • Current LOOGY status
  • Vivas suspension
  • HOF scuttlebutt re: Lee, McGwire
  • Analysis of AFL prospects
  • Propose a plan of attack for Mozeliak in Vegas (Here's your chance to "should" all over the man.)
  • Any relevant subjects and/or late-breaking news not listed

Thanks in advance for any on-air help you can give via your participation on call-ins.

Penalty for non-participation: I will have The Red Baron from Future Redbirds call in and we will bore you to death with our (grasping at straws) in-depth bio-mechanical analysis of Tyler Greene's swing, to which the fix may be as simple as "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Just kidding, hope to see, uh, hear you all tonight.


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