December 10, 2008

UCB Radio -- Special Winter Meeting Edition

The United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Talk Show will broadcast a Special Winter Meeting Edition tonight (Wednesday, December 10, 2008) at 10:00 p.m. CT.

The Blogtalkradio button within this post should take you to the page needed to access tonight's broadcast.

Listen to UCB Host on internet talk radio

A chat room will be just one click away, available on the same page, where you can exchange ideas and post comments prior to and during the live broadcast.

Acting as moderator-host will be chetthejet (4thebirds...); co-hosts are Tom (Cardinals GM) for the first hour and Nick (Pitchers Hit Eighth) during the last hour.

Scheduled guests are Dustin (Whiteyball), Pip (Fungoes), Dan (C70 at the Bat).

Tentative guests are Erik (Future Redbirds) and Don (The Redbird Blog).

Callers are always welcome. Cardinal bloggers may call; baseball and Cardinals enthusiasts are also more than welcome to dial us up with a question or to add to the conversation at hand.

We are working on making the archived radio broadcasts available for iTunes, but we need to have a completed show before such availability is possible.