January 31, 2009

Albert puts stamp of approval on Manny

If you consider yourself one fan belonging to Cardinal Nation, and you don't particularly care for Manny Ramirez, you might have to admit one thing: It's hard not to imagine Manny in Jupiter, Florida wearing a Cardinals uniform.

For some, that's hard to swallow. For others, it's quite exciting.

Another thing Cardinal Nation would have to admit should the Cardinals desire to attain the services of Mr. Ramirez and somehow figure out how to afford to bring him to St. Louis: Such a move would remove all doubt about whether the Cardinals are serious about competing in 2009.
The device that makes it all okay, when you think about it, however, is Albert Pujols putting his "stamp of approval" on Manny.
It's as if Manny has shown up at the entrance of Busch Stadium and finds the whole of Cardinal Nation in the doorway. Then Prince Albert says: "He's okay."
Kind of makes it hard for anyone to block the entrance.
photos by Barbara Moore