January 23, 2009

Belleville students learn at Busch Stadium

This off-season may be a slow one for the St. Louis Cardinals organization, but the time between seasons has created an opportunity for Belleville-area students from Signal Hill School to get some "fun education" at Busch Stadium.

The Belleville News-Democrat (always a great source for Cardinals-related stories) has taken the time to publish an online article about how young students visit the home of the St. Louis Cardinals--Busch Stadium--to get some extra education that is so fun they probably don't realize they are learning in a variety of ways concerning a variety of subjects.
photo by chetthejet

Learning at Busch a hit with Belleville students - Your life - Belleville News-Democrat: "They spent Thursday morning at Busch Stadium, learning that St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols builds muscles that help him run faster, uses division to figure his batting average and considers physics when trying to hit home runs."