January 8, 2009

Matthew Leach guests on UCB Radio Hour

If you're part of Cardinal Nation, you've no doubt read the published online articles of Matthew Leach.

Leach writes for MLB.com and has been the author of the majority of the St. Louis Cardinals-related articles featured on the Official Website of the St. Louis Cardinals. Leach also posts on his MLBlogs blog: Obviously, You're Not a Golfer.

Previously submitted questions--specifically for Leach--were posed by host chetthejet of 4thebirds... and guest blogger Dan of C70 at the Bat.

Wednesday's broadcast was the first of 2009.

The top question was submitted by Nick of Pitchers Hit Eighth, who joined the show during the second half.

To hear the broadcast, you can use Blogtalkradio's media player on the sidebar, or,
click this link to go to the United Cardinal Bloggers page on Blogtalkradio, or, utilize the media player on any participating UCB blog.

The next UCB Radio Hour is scheduled for January 21 (a Wednesday) with Nick of Pitchers Hit Eighth hosting. Guests include Pip of Fungoes and Erik of Future Redbirds.