January 15, 2009

Tigers eyeing Izzy

Maybe it's more the Detroit Free Press trying to figure out how to help the ailing Tigers. Remind you of a "Nation" surrounding St. Louis who shall remain nameless?

Jim Leyland, the Tigers' manager, is checking out Jason Isringhausen, Izzy to us. I don't know what they'd call him if he worked the pen in Detroit. Others in the Tigers' organization are weighing the odds on the value of the former Cardinals' closer, too.

And why not? If you're looking for "right now" help that you probably will not need for more than one season, or even for anything beyond half-a-season, Izzy can make sense.

It's not as if the man doesn't know his way around the bullpen (and to the mound in the ninth inning); he has 293 career saves.

Lot of old injuries just begging to ache away Izzy's chances, though. Of course, it would be quite understandable if the Tigers were to offer him a contract that says "we'll pay ya good if you stay in one piece, but if you can't overcome all those surgeries, well, here's your bag-o-peanuts." I think Izzy would go for it. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn't mind taking a shot at walking the walk, even if it has a slight limp. A few good "bottom-line innings" would create quite an atmosphere in the Motor City, in any case.

The link to the Freep.com article is below.

Okay, so it's sacrilege to have Izzy where a uniform that doesn't have "two birds on a bat." He's worn others in the past.

As long as it isn't the North-Siders. We don't want to see a full-blown Redbird Reunion in the Windy City.

But Izzy in Detroit?

I guess I can ride with that, but only because Jim Leyland is the boss.

photo by Barbara Moore

Tigers should consider taking chance on Jason Isringhausen Freep.com Detroit Free Press: "“The only thing you look at now is the health issues, even though the elbow surgery he had at the end of the season is generally considered a minor surgery that most pitchers don’t have trouble coming back from. He’s still got an issue with his hip, so you don’t know how that’s going to hold up.

“But if he were to do all the things he needed to do in rehab, and gone through the conditioning process this winter, he would be honest about whether or not he could help somebody.”"