February 10, 2009

Cardinal Nation TV testing today

Cardinal Nation TV is testing today.

If you happen to be checking on the status of the new channel, you might see chetthejet testing audio, video, desktop screenshots, and cuing various clips from station promos and segments of a portion of the stockpile of Cardinals-related video fans have already given CTNV permission to broadcast.

Most of the clips are not played in their entirety, but there is enough on the air to get a sample of just serious CNTV is about allowing fans to participate in the channel's 24/7 broadcast.

The target date is March 1, but if there are still some compiling and production to do, fans may have to wait a little longer.

At the same time, there are videographers out there attempting to put together their own shows. They just don't know if they'll be ready in time.

Some "vloggers" are getting set to pre-record special shows about anything and everything Cardinals baseball. Some want to broadcast on a regular basis, updating the current state of the Cardinals, like the big networks, but obviously, with webcams and home set-ups.

The production level is not the most important factor, according to CNTV, but rather, that the fans, bloggers, vloggers, etc., all get a real opportunity to get on the air.

CNTV has the capability to "live" as well.

If you are interesting in getting your Cards-related clips on the air, and/or, creating your own show (i.e., pre-game, post-game, roundtable, analysis), you can send a message to Cardinal Nation TV's Youtube account by the same name.