February 12, 2009

Cardinal Nation TV to broadcast fan videos

If you're a part of Cardinal Nation, Cardinal Nation TV is stockpiling videos from the fans, to be broadcast when the web-based channel launches soon.

Here is the form used to point CNTV toward the video(s)you want them to consider. Your videos must be on Youtube for CNTV to be able to use them.

Already, a few United Cardinals Bloggers have proposed projects which have been approved. CNTV hopes to obtain all types of video projects from any part of Cardinal Nation, including fans, bloggers, vloggers, mass media, players, coaches, etc.

Four photographers have already permitted CNTV to use their digital images.

Many Cardinals fans have okayed the use of their unique Cardinals-related video.

CNTV would also like to use some video of areas near Busch Stadium, and will include goodwill project videos from any St. Louis group.

Probably most needed is also the toughest production: pre- and/or post-game shows, talk shows, analysis shows, historical shows, and about anything Cardinals-related. These productions can be as complex as multi-guest roundtables or as simple as solo webcam vlogging.

CNTV is not high-tech, but hopes to be interesting and fun to all of Cardinal Nation.

Here is the form, or you can go to Cardinal Nation TV.