February 15, 2009

For Pujols it's not quite 'play me or trade me'

Since I'm spending a lot of time putting things together over at Cardinal Nation TV, I thought some of the better links to Cardinals' stories would be appropriate.

The story at the link below lines out how Albert Pujols is feeling about the "potential" direction of the Cardinals, wondering out loud, as only bigtime stars can get away with, whether the team is going to maintain a serious position toward winning baseball through the time of his next contract--two years away.

This is not "play me or trade me."

This is, "convince me you want to win or trade me."

Well, maybe not trade, because that's not likely, but an exit to St. Louis, yeah.

And you have to know that since Pujols has put ownership on notice, have the New York teams and the L.A. teams already made contact with Pujols' agent?
photo by Barbara Moore

Pujols: Strategy will determine future with Cards - Breaking news - Belleville News-Democrat: "Albert Pujols said Sunday that the St. Louis Cardinals' commitment to winning will dictate if he re-signs with the club when his contract expires in two years.

'It's not about the money all the time,' the first baseman said. 'It's about being in a place to win and being in a position to win."