February 8, 2009

How did he jump from A-rod to AP?

How the heck did he (writer of linked article) go from suspecting A-Rod (recently dubbed A-roid) of steroid abuse to including Albert Pujols?

Sure, baseball has had its share of "juiced" players, and never before has the (*) asterisk had an actual use, but c'mon...

Before we reach the point where a ball player is treated pretty much how American Citizens are treated in a courtroom when the finger is pointed and the prosecuting (uh, I mean, persecuting) parties have much to gain politically and/or career-wise with a good old-fashioned witch hunt, shouldn't we use some better judgement when making comparisons?

So the minute a ball player gets too good, there must be something unethical going on?

I would like to hope against hope that the intended point of the piece at the link below was simply to point out there is a legitimate concern that ball players in general are not taking substances that are dangerous to their health.

But why is this suddenly falling on the shoulders of Pujols?

Is it just Pujols' accomplishments that get him singled out?

Because the danger I see here isn't only an unfair and prejudiced comparison, but the idea that (purposely or not) a dangerous precedent is being forwarded--that it is only the ball players doing exceptionally well that could be endangering their health by abusing steroids.

Before, and after, you had read any of the linked article or this ... okay, it's a rant ... did you even consider one time that a player who wasn't doing very well on the diamond could be abusing steroids just as badly as a ball player who was crushing the ball like a hammer does an egg?

Feel free to slam me if I've missed the point.

But if you agree with my assessment, give Mr. Pujols the benefit of being considered innocent until proven guilty.
photo by Iscan

A-Rod Lutz: "Don’t we suspect anyone who does anything big in baseball now of being on something? It hits close to home with me, because of the St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols. He has been amazing since his rookie season, doing things only a select few others have done in the history of the game. I hold my breath, hoping against hope that Pujols is clean.

But would it shock me if he wasn’t? Unfortunately, it wouldn’t."