February 11, 2009

Sigh of relief ... so far (re: Carp)

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Sigh of relief ... so far ...
as Chris Carpenter threw off a mound in Jupiter, Florida, according to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (linked story below).

I comment here that the Kyle McClellan back-up plan I'd been harping on for weeks looks to have been part of the strategy regarding a "safety net" should Carp have had any problems.

As it is, the plan is to have McClellan's Spring Training workouts parallel Carp's, just in case.

Duncan sees no problems with Carp.

The full story at the link below gives you the good news concerning Carp.
photo by Barbara Moore

Carpenter passes mound quiz Cardinal Beat STLtoday#comment-869: "Carpenter threw for about 10 minutes, gradually increasing his effort but more concerned about using proper mechanics. He next throws on Friday and plans to mix in breaking balls."