February 7, 2009

UCB & CNTV projects on tap

To add to the off-season fun, I'll be taking part in a United Cardinal Bloggers project I missed out on last season: a round table.

Questions are posed by each participating (in the round table) member of the UCB, with the answers coming from any of the other participants as they desire.

For a question posed by a particular UCB member, that same member will post all available answers on his/her blog with links to the writers who had provided an answer.

(I've never done this, so I could be off a bit on the actual execution.)

I hope to get permission to read some or all of the answers on the new Cardinal Nation TV.

I hope some of the UCB members will take part in the video aspect where possible.

CNTV Update: Many more videographers have made their Cardinals-related videos available for broadcast and are being compiled for rotation. I am hoping the broadcasts will inspire more videography.

Interestingly, there is a lot of footage of minor league teams.

Amongst many projects, I am developing a UCB Report, whereby any UCB member may produce a 2-5 minute video on a current Cardinal topic. This is merely an offer to participate. There is no need to pre-approve anything; just do it. The only criteria so far is to lead off the clip with something to the effect of: "I'm [name or user name] of [yourblog], and this is a UCB Report." If you have the software to credit your blog by url, do so, or simply say it if you want.

Of course, any Cardinals' blogger or fan is fully welcome to develop their own unique show, which I will be happy to air. (Remember: for TV, PG-rating.)

At some point, I would like to do some type of "round the blogosphere" presentation, incorporating "blog reads," but I would prefer any interested UCB bloggers to do their own. I will do verbatim reads of your most recent posts (with mentions of charts and graphs) if you request me to do so, but this is your material, so this up to you. I will be doing some reads of my own 4thebirds... posts, and I already have one other UCB'r that has okayed me to read his. If you are close friends, perhaps, with another UCB member, and would like to read their posts, make sure you have their permission.

NOTE: The TV thing is web-based, but it is not as loose as blogging, so DO NOT use any music, photos, video within your productions without permission. Use common sense on "fair use" rules.

You may create any show length, and as many or few as you wish. Detail on a delivery system to come.

If you're really frisky and have a web cam and microphone, I can put on the air live. Nothing like more pressure, as if the UCB Radio Hour isn't enough for us shy folks.

I am looking for pre-game, in-game, and post-game shows, "live updates," occasional special project shows, etc. (Spring Training games are coming up; great time to test ideas.)

Enough for now, but just so all UCB knows, don't wait for an invite; just go ahead. An example: there are a couple videographers-at-large out there that have made their current work available and are providing more from their archives and planning more for this season. Like I said, just do it.