February 4, 2009

UCB Radio Hour tonight

The United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour will broadcast tonight at 9:00 p.m. CT.

Due to some changes in scheduling, the host (or co-hosts) tonight will be me (chetthejet) and/or Dan from C70 At The Bat.

Dustin from Whiteyball and The Birdhouse will replace a previously scheduled guest from Redbird Ramblings.

The only originally scheduled guest remains on board, Don from The Redbird Blog.

There may be another guest scheduled but too late include in this post.

With the hot stove season growing colder by the day (at least in the Midwest), some recent discussion by Cards' pitching coach Dave Duncan is sure to come up in tonight's exchange.

Callers are more than welcome, especially to voice an opinion on whether Manny Ramirez would be welcome in a Cardinals uniform.

A poll on this site suggests that Manny should be wearing Cardinal Red, but at the time of this post, the scales are precariously balanced.

An open chat board is also available at the site of the broadcast.

An archived file of tonight's show is normally available within 30-60 minutes after the show ends, and can be accessed on any UCB site carrying the Blogtalkradio widget you see on the sidebar.

The UCB Radio Hour is also available on i-tunes.

Link to this evening's UCB Radio Hour