February 26, 2009

United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour -- Spring Training Edition #2 -- (CNTV test show)

The United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour -- Spring Training Edition #2, aired on Blogtalkradio Wednesday night, and the show, in progress, was brought live onto Cardinal Nation TV.

The CNTV broadcast was a test, and you can hear some of the raw feed, some delayed audio, a lot of keypad typing behind the scenes, and just as much clicking as the show graphics were developed and brought on air, as well as other adjustments to the live window of the radio show.

The host was Nick of Pitchers Hit Eighth, with guests Pip of Fungoes and Dan of C70 at the Bat. Chat room support was provided mainly by Football Prospector and Josh of Redbirds Row.

The experience will help CNTV develop future broadcasts for Cardinal Nation to enjoy.

Josh of Redbirds Row will take part in an upcoming live test on CNTV with chetthejet. Any fan or blogger with a webcam and an email address can offer to take part. Two or three more guests for the test are needed. The test will amount to a few minutes of talking, basically, so CNTV can develop how it might conduct future live broadcasts.

The media player wihtin this post should be set up to play the recorded live UCB Radio Hour Show, then revert to whatever is on CNTV currently.

An additional note: New shows from The Final Countdown with Brady Holzhauer and a nice 8 1/2 minute piece with clips of the Cardinals opening Spring Training game vs. the Marlins from Roger Dean Stadium was provided by Bleacher Brothers. Both are must-sees for Cardinal Nation, who wish to have a fan's take on the action.