March 16, 2009

Redbirds Row tests for CNTV

This afternoon, Josh from the blog, Redbirds Row, tested for live broadcasting on Cardinal Nation TV (media player at bottom of this blog).

After a short learning curve, both ends of the stream flowed with audio and video, and Josh appeared briefly on the web-based channel, live.

There was no post-game report, but Josh spoke a few lines for sake of testing how the system would appear and sound. In this way, Josh can develop his Cardinals post-game show as well any other projects which he might have on the drawing board.

Another Cardinal blogger had to postpone his testing due to both technical problems and one shortcoming on the necessary equipment.

Cardinals bloggers that are already regular contributors are Redbirds of a Feather (podcast) and The Redbird Media.

Bleacher Brothers also chiped in with a nice spring training special from Roger Dean Stadium. Bleacher Brothers has covered many Grapefruit League games this spring and can be seen regularly on The Bigs TV.

4thebirds... will do much live blogging this season on CNTV.