March 9, 2009

TLR didn't send Wallace packing, Mather did

Everyone had a fair shot at making the parent ball club. In fact, some are still taking their fair shot.

But some, 15 I think, got cut recently. A couple of those were Brett Wallace and David Freese.

Both were potential replacements for injured third baseman, Troy Glaus, who may miss a substantial portion of the beginning of the 2009 season.

A vehicular accident injured Freese (Achilles tendon) and Wallace, well, Wallace just wasn't as far along as Joe Mather.

No big deal, really, Mather has experience, Wallace has some.

And Mather has done a really solid job so far this spring. So for now, it seems Mather will get the call at third base. We know, of course, Mather can play outfield, although at the moment, he's one of two outfielders reacquainting themselves (Skip Schumaker as well), respectively, with former positions.

If you noticed, neither one of them is chirping for a trade like someone else who had an infield position sown up.

There are still others who can play -- or, more aptly, have played, or, have been told to play -- the hot corner: Brendan Ryan, Brian Barden, and Joe Thurston. But the way things are developing, it's all but showing that the temporary third baseman's job is Joe Mather's to lose.

I don't think he plans on letting it get away.

Look for a new level of hungry by Joe Mather.

With Spring Training for the Cards' affiliates starting tomorrow, someone, or several someones, had to go. This is how it played out. So be it.

FARETHEWELL, Erik, who may be putting Future Redbirds into a sort of induced coma while he tends to far more important matters, like family. May he do so well that he has time to return to his most awesome site some day. What struck me odd about Future Redbirds was that when I first came along the site, it was cool, okay, but not the parent club, so okay, we'll bookmark it. Then, as the season progresses, before I knew it, I'm back there the minute I'm searching for info on players of the "sub-major" level, more than just stats like on First Inning, which is okay too, if that's your cup of gargle. And then I find I'm visiting Future Redbirds with quite a regularity, for the perspectives that always paralleled any dry intel. And once I see that there's some actual thought and some predictive thinking rather than the usual bloggage you see around the sphere that was so commonly and obviously "Leached" or scraped off of Goold's yet-wet --30--, well, than I find I'm more interested in FR's daily posts because there's actually somewhere to go with the ideas than a regurgitation of where we've all been. And no knock and the other contributors, but that's quite a massive amount of upkeep as far as posting goes. So just to say, I appreciate what Erik and fellow posters at Future Redbirds have done, and if the site hibernates for awhile, understand that things change in life, sometimes as they have, and sometimes, when you least expect it, in other ways. But crimanee, they guy's not gone, and we're going to hear from him, I'm sure. I just hope the Cryo-freeze doesn't last too long.

MY OWN ABSENCE of late was a combination of blog spring training and oral surgery and that UCB bug that had been going around, all at once. I'll be serving cheese with that whine in an upcoming post.

I was spared a bit last Wednesday night when I burned aspirin into my gums and caked Anbesol and got some bigtime help from Mike of Stan Musial's Stance and Josh of Redbirds Row in attempting to give Johnson City Cardinals pitcher Jonny Bravo as much radio time as he wanted. I know I didn't have all the bigtime questions you might hear on other shows, but I just wanted to be sure that any player who asks about UCB Radio will be confident he can get on the show and be treated with the respect he deserves. To me, that meant as a 50+ guy, I wasn't going to be cornering a 22-year-old with questions that might get him in trouble with the club.

And I did feel bad that both Mike and Josh didn't get to spend more time giving me their take on the usual Cardinal matters, as I usually host by asking a question and letting whomever have at it for as long as they want to jaw. Heck, it's an hour show with no commercials.

TV TIME FOR any who wish to brave that mode of communication. More next time...