March 19, 2009

UCB Radio continues broadcasts

The United Cardinal Bloggers continue to develop a web-based radio show via Blogtalkradio. Wednesday night featured the last of the 10:00 p.m. CT broadcasts, for now.

The new broadcast time is likely to be 9:30 p.m. CT, still on Wednesday nights.

Details of the exact date/time will be posted.

Last night's show is available using the Blogtalkradio sidebar widget on this blog and on the participating UCB blogs.

Cardinal Nation TV will offer a re-broadcast of the show later today. The archived version is also available on iTunes.

Last night's host was chetthejet/4thebirds...

On-air guests included Dan/C70 at the Bat; Josh/Redbirds Row; Mike/Stan Musial's Stance; and Tom/Cardinals GM.

Tom was the originator of the radio show.

Josh is currently developing an additional UCB radio show that is destined for a Sunday afternoon time slot to be determined.

Chat-board guests included Nick/Pitchers Hit Eighth (also a regular host); Mike on the Cards; and Pip/Fungoes.

Past celebs include Matthew Leach/ and Jonny Brave/Johnson City Cardinals.

Last night's broadcast is tagged: United Cardinal Bloggers Radio Hour -- Spring Training Edition #5.

Callers are always welcome on the radio broadcasts.