March 11, 2009

UCB Roundtable Q & A

The following question was sent to all United Cardinal Bloggers participating in the UCB Roundtable discussion. Readers may respond as well, using the comments box.

This post will update throughout the day as I receive answers from the UCB Bloggers. Each will be linked, so be sure to check out their individual blogs for their perspective on Cardinals' baseball.

What with the way Mozeliak had approached the winter with caution and restraint re: trade/FA acquisition, and with an inclement economic forecast to consider, I can't help but think the Cards are taking a "wait-and-see" approach to their next "big" deal, for the best possible positioning just prior to the trade deadline at the end of July. I have a lot of plus/minus for this, but your question is more to respond to this thinking. Flawed/not flawed? No choice? Good way to miss the bus, again! Sounds like a plan? A disaster waiting to happen?

I know I’m late to this party (delivering this question), so if your response is short, feel free to call in your answer to UCB Radio tonight for whomever is hosting. (This invitation extends to all of Cardinal Nation, BTW.)

Rebirds Row

The Holliday no-trade showed me the direction Mo wants to go, and it is hard to penalize him for that. This GM and front office keep things close to the vest and really work all resources that are available. While everyone was talking about Ohman and Beimel, Dennys Reyes flew under the radar.

That gave the Cards the chance to swoop in and grab him, a smart non-panic choice. An outfielder needs to get traded, but what is the rush? Unless a team is banging down the door and offering a ton, let Duncan and Ankiel show what they can do for a few more months.

Maybe then we could put another package together for Holliday or a big-time pitcher. This St. Louis edition is poised to upset some teams, and Mo did the right thing. He didn't let what other GM's were doing affect the Cardinals. I can't ask for anything more. Josh RR (Whoops! Meant to say the Mets instead of the Phillies. It's easy to get those overrated, overprised NL East teams mixed up!--- On Wed, 3/11/09, Josh and Christi )

I do not believe Duncan and Ankiel will do anything to increase their value. To cross-over sports, I was shocked to see Cassel and Vrabel get traded for a second rounder. Then it dawned on me--they don't believe those two will show improvement--sell high. Ankiel and Luds (as much as I love him) are as high as I believe they will get--I don't see us getting better offers for them in the future. We might really be regretting the "winter restraint."-CJ (The Cardinal Virtue)

C70 at the Bat
I don't know that Mo is maneuvering for July as much as he is keeping things in line for a shot at extending Pujols. If the team contends, which I think they will, it's possible that they'll flip some of their pieces, but I don't know that they are going to take on much salary even then.What he has done this offseason has been pretty good, at least in my book.