April 15, 2009

Carp 3 and out, not the good way

Chris Carpenter thought better of trying to pitch into the fourth inning for the St. Louis Cardinals at Chase Field in Arizona Tuesday night.

After ending the Cards' half of the third inning with a ground out to third base, Carpenter told reporters he felt what might be described as a mild pain in his left rib cage. Then, as he took the mound and threw his warm-up pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks bottom of the frame, he said the pain worsened, to the point where he felt it was significant enough to leave the game.
That made for three innings and out -- of the game!

Cards' skipper Tony La Russa visited Carpenter at the mound, obviously concerned with the former ace with a history of injuries.

The Cardinals have announced that will make a decision regarding Carpenter's going onto the DL within a day or so, and if he does get listed, for how long.

So far in the 2009 season, the Cardinals have to top-rated starting pitching staff in the National League.

If and how this injury will affect the starting rotation is yet to be seen, but the Cardinals have an experienced "swing" man in Brad Thompson already on the roster. Thompson pitched later in Tuesday night's game, giving up the walk-off hit that gave the D-backs an extra inning victory, 7-6.