April 17, 2009

Crocodiles for MB, all the way to the bank

A recent forum quote cried crocodile tears for Milton Bradley concerning his April 16, 2009 K, taking six Adam Wainwright pitches in a row and called out looking. If you could sob in pixels, this was it, boo-hooing for every pitch, as if Bradley was due a free pass just for signing a big contract or for wearing a Cubs uniform. The obvious Bradley fan went on to condone his poor conduct and selfish rant with home plate umpire Larry Vanover. I feel sorry for any Cub making excuses on that crappy AB, and I seriously doubt any besides Bradley will. Anyway, my reply to the bawlbagging Bradley fan is set below. Add your own comments about that Bradley AB is you like. Just keep in mind that I made my reply from a strategic ball playing point of view rather than with the red or the blue. Believe me, I would have just as much difficulty with a Cardinal K'ing the same way, and set that last K backwards if you will.

There may have been a few borderline pitch calls, but Waino froze MB with that
last curve, which may have caught the inside corner. It's not where the catcher
catches the pitch, but where it crosses the plate that counts. If I was a Cubs
fan, I would be upset with MB. He's supposed to be a seasoned vet, but it is
taught in Little League that when you have two strikes, if it's close enough to
be called a strike, it's close enough to swing at. MB's tirade only showed that
he was more concerned with how bad he looked as an individual than how much he
cost his team. $30 million dollars and never took the bat off his shoulder. I'm
sure sure Lou didn't sent him up to the plate to try to draw a walk. Gimme a
break. The Cubs are way better than they showed, but if they're not careful, MB
will drag them down. I've seen gangbangers with better self-control.