April 5, 2009

Is a 4thebirds 4cast a jinx?

Wasn't me that said it first, BTW...

... but the Opening Day forecast for Busch Stadium is, well ... nasty.

Not nasty in the way of torrential downpours and/or three-foot snow drifts, but about as nasty a set of weather conditions as you can get and still play a ball game.

We're talking roughly 40 degrees, winds of 10-20 m.p.h., and possibly anything from a drizzle to a freezing drizzle to sleet to snow.

Now if all that isn't a jinx, I don't know what is. Yet, it's going to be one of the main topics of discussion for the Cards' Opening Day, until the game is completed (cross fingers and hope to survive the day).

Last year's Opening Day got washed after three innings, but if the same thing happens this year, supposedly there'll be a split double-header on Tuesday.

Yikes. Not so much for Tuesday, but for the hardship inherent to the pitching staff.

And the scuttle butt is that the ill effects would come into play around Saturday, when the starting rotation would need some type of alteration to provide enough rest to the next in line.

What a (potential) way to kick off '09.

So be it, I say. If it's going to be a season to remember, this is one heckuva way to start -- maybe.

Otherwise, a W and a "Sheesh, I'm glad that's over," will do fine.