April 6, 2009

Redbird or Snowbird today?

The game is still on, as of this post at 1:20 p.m.

In some of the Midwestern portions of Cardinal Nation, there wasn't a flurry to be found during Thanksgiving.

And while it wasn't a Charlie Brown Christmas, it was brown.

But lo and behold, Opening Day in St. Louis could get flakey in a hurry with a couple degrees difference. (Fingers still crossed.)

The live cam that scopes Busch Stadium is showing overcast, and very few fans participating in the "sidestreet activities."

The ownership was right to lay some sod over the sinkhole known as Ballpark Village, however. Otherwise, the Blues could be playing one of those outdoor NHL games in their push for the playoffs.

Or maybe we shouldn't fret over weather conditions. Maybe, instead, the Cardinals should approach their work as the postman, who never shirks duties due to rain, nor snow, nor ...

Will we see cold, damp Redbirds flying round the bases today? Or a perched Snowbird of sorts?