April 8, 2009

Your Cards vlog on CNTV

If you would like to vlog a few minutes of Cardinals' baseball and upload it to YouTube, I can (with your sent permission to our YouTube site), upload it onto Cardinal Nation TV.

You can make it a one-timer, or a continuing vlog. You merely need to observe copyright by not using other folks material without their permission. And, CNTV is roughly PG-rated.

So, your own photos on your own slide show, and no music that belongs to other artists. We want your material, the fan residing in Cardinal Nation.

We'll skip anything that's taped off a TV, and please, none of that God-awful ESPN lead-in music.

Just be you. There's no format.

For examples of those already happening this season, go to The Bigs TV and use the "on-demand" tool on the media player (at bottom of blog) to load:

  • Concise: Phillies Nation Minute
  • Relaxed: Yankees Talk; Blue Jays Fan
  • Basic 3-5 minute: (Top-rated on The Bigs TV) On the black com
  • Humor: The Amazin' METS-terpiece ... Vlogtacular
  • Expanded: Bleacher Brothers

Cardinal Nation TV is a relaxed, fan-based, web-based, TV channel that streams 24/7.

You can embed the media player on almost any web site or blog (except Wordpress, of course) and can pre-load your segment.

NOTE: If you vlog, but about some other big league baseball team than the Cardinals, you can utilize the above information for a vlog that I can broadcast on The Bigs TV.