June 11, 2009

Cards fish victory out of Marlins

Colby Rasmus continued to provide great at-bats, joined by Rick Ankiel in a 13-4 pouncing upon the Florida Marlins Wednesday night.

Adam Wainwright had the right stuff on the hill, going deep into the game to hold the Marlins from a big seventh inning.

These quick observations are obvious to anyone who witnessed the game, but related stats and discussion are withheld in this piece as my time was spent on the FSMidwest live blog during the ball game.

The FSMidwest live blogs are quickly proving much more active than any UCB blog, and more so than the various live blogs I've posted on Cardinal Nation Ticker. FOX has the automatic audience built in, making the blogging much more available.

Thursday the Cards will take on the Marlins before the lunch hour and I hope to bring more insight into this game.